Why your music sounds bad on car speakers

Sometimes one frequency jumps out of your mixdown a little too loudly, and by pushing down that frequency a little, the whole song feels more balanced and controlled, allowing us to turn up the music louder without that dominant frequency causing trouble.

Recently I found this to be especially true on bass frequencies, as the car soundsystems really blow such low resonances up really loud. This is a relatively technical mix-focused video for those of you who want more precise control of how your music translates across different sound systems.

Conor Dalton’s mix advice PDF ► https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZF2N4SRExe0ztuuTsQEZrFu99pM7m736IszN7R27h_I/edit

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0:00 Whatsup!
0:20 What are dominant resonances?
1:47 Car speaker problems
2:30 Ableton Live example
5:11 Addressing a dominant resonance
6:03 How to find the right frequency to dip
7:16 Failing to fix half the problem
8:48 Training your ears

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