What makes a perfect kick drum?

This week we’ll look at what makes a versatile kick, how kick synthesis works in Kick2, what are some of the risk/reward trade-offs for taking weirder kicks, and just generally what to look out for when selecting a kick for your project. It’s like wine tasting but for kicks!

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0:00 Learning to listen to kicks
1:35 The first few kicks
4:41 How kicks are made in Kick2
5:51 The next few kicks
8:50 Kicks with secondary rhythms
9:30 The 909 kick
10:10 Atmospheres baked in
13:16 About fundamental frequency around 55Hz
15:07 Be very careful when you use kicks like this
15:58 Tonal kicks for tuning
22:51 Ultralong kicks as basslines
25:29 Sidechain pumping effects
26:20 Tuning a kick example
27:53 Discount code for the sample pack

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