Two types of break for electronic music

When moving from composing your 8-bar loops to a track, you need to get comfortable building up tension and release. The most elementary way to do that is called a “break”, and in this video we show 2 simple types of break you can use in your own music production, no matter what DAW you use.

We call them 1) the LINEAR break and 2) the TRILOGY break. We explain both (with diagrams!) and show examples in Ableton Live. As a bonus, we do a mini tutorial on making Whitenoise Laser transition sounds.

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0:00 intro
0:40 funky anecdote about hypnotism
1:41 The Energy Countour
02:57 The Linear Break
04:27 Example in Ableton Live
05:03 The Trilogy Break
08:01 Example in Ableton Live
9:00 A word of warning against overusing breaks
09:33 Whitenoise riser quick tutorial
10:35 Some homework for you

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