Turning Zendaya’s adorable acapella into sweet vocal chops

What do you get if you take the adorable Zendaya singing “smile” and chop it up into some kind of melodic techno track? Well, you’re about to find out. 😊

This is a vocal chopping technique that’s just about the simplest possible approach to get fun and effective results in Ableton Live, using the Simpler device.

The final song: https://soundcloud.com/face-the-sun-be/zendaya-smile-face-the-sun-edit

– My Foundations of Electronic Music course: https://courses.underdog.brussels/courses/foundations-of-electronic-music
– My Industrial Techno follow-along course: https://courses.underdog.brussels/courses/techno-entire-track-creation

0:00 techno rumbles refreshed
1:13 what’s beyond rumbles?
2:49 let’s get to work
3:55 setting up the slicer
5:04 setting up a sequencer
7:45 weird rhythms
10:45 mixdown advice
11:11 adding more techno elements

0:00 Why use vocal chops?
1:18 Making it happen in Ableton Live
4:18 Finetuning your chops
6:28 Taking it a step further

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