The Tools of Acid (comparing Audiorealism, D16, Roland, and Ableton Live)

Let’s have a closer look at the iconic tools used to make acid house and acid techno!

In this video we look at software emulations of the classic 303 and 909 sounds, particularly those by @audiorealism (ALB3 + ADM), @d16group (Phoscyon + Drumazon), @Roland Cloud (TB-303 + TR-909), and @Ableton Live’s native ways of achieving it too.

Here is the ACID spotify playlist I mentioned:

My Foundations of Electronic Music course:
My Industrial Techno follow-along course:

0:00 Let’s talk about acid
2:49 What makes acid acid?
3:47 Making it natively in Ableton
13:11 Comparing the 4 methods
15:13 Audiorealism ABL3 and ADM
17:30 D16 Phoscyon and Drumazon
19:39 Roland TB303 and TR909
22:50 My recommendations

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