The Foundations of Electronic Music

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Here’s my contribution towards establishing a global, high-quality curriculum for electronic music production: the Underdog Foundations of Electronic Music course.

This is not a tutorial, this is a music *education*.

It’s a course designed for absolute beginners, assuming zero pre-existing knowledge. Step by step I introduce all the key building blocks needed to start finishing your own electronic music compositions.

I’m Oscar from Underdog, and I created this course to save you YEARS of trial-and-error. There is a lot of music production knowledge out there in the world, but it is badly organised and not clearly structured for a beginner. This course teaches you the foundation that you need for future development. It starts from clear first principles, and ensures that later on you won’t get lost when more advanced topics are introduced.

This course is built up of a core curriculum, and an intermediate curriculum. You can complete the core curriculum in 5 weeks and you’ll be finishing your first songs. The intermediate curriculum goes deeper into specific topics and takes the time to explore nuances and details.

The course also qualifies you for a -40% educational discount on Ableton Live, should you want to buy it after the trial period is over!

0:00 Big announcement!
0:44 The problem with electronic music education
2:11 The course content
6:48 Who is it for?

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