The Foundations of Electronic Music — Level 2

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Here’s the next chapter in my contribution towards establishing a global, high-quality curriculum for electronic music production: the Underdog Foundations of Electronic Music course, level two!

This course picks up where we left off at the end of Foundations level 1: you arrive in this course knowing the basics, but now I help you develop your artistic practice more deeply and completely.

This course is not for complete beginners: you should know the basics of your DAW, synthesis, harmony, mixdown, and arrangement. You should be familiar with the Underdog workflow. The first video in the course helps you check: do you know all the foundations?

I’m Oscar from Underdog, and I created this course to share with you my method, philosophy and workflow for creating electronic music. This course is everything that I know about making electronic music, structured into a big theoretical framework.

All the knowledge in this course is found in 30 videos. In order to help you absorb this amount of knowledge, I created 8 exercises that help you grow your comfort zone without getting overwhelmed. So you can follow the course however you think is best: go straight for your favourite topic, or follow the exercises to develop your craft systematically.

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