Techno rumble secrets nobody is talking about

Techno rumbles bathe us in warm low-end energy, but what makes a good rumble? Here I argue that it’s the ATONAL noise, rather than the tonal noise, in the sub-bass frequencies that makes rumble so exciting. This video is a masterclass of various considerations for advanced-level techno rumbles.

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0:00 Deep rumble theory
0:33 Tonal vs atonal sounds
1:22 Deep down low noise
1:44 Rumble smear
2:45 Audio demonstration
3:30 Tonal rumble warning
5:00 Boosting the mids secret
5:30 Soloing a frequency band
6:12 Bad monitoring hurts my soul
7:23 Mixing per frequency band
7:50 Squeezing the dynamic range
8:50 Favourite plugins
9:30 Next steps for techno producers

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