Techno Rumble Mastery

This is the techno rumble tutorial to end all techno rumble tutorials. It condenses the principles that you find in all other rumble tutorials online into 3 logical levels: the basic, the intermediate, and the mastery level.

– The basic level: making a rumble in parrallel by smearing, low-passing and ducking the kick.
– The intermediate level: adding saturation, EQ and limiting on the rumble and the group.
– The mastery level: creating a sound sculpture by adding texture, percussion and atmosphere.

Here is the poster mentioned in the video:
– Poster in PDF:
– Poster in PNG:

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0:00 introduction and examples
1:14 Level 1: the basic rumble
4:42 Level 2: intermediate rumbles
8:16 Level 3: mastery level
13:11: Comparison of the 3 levels
13:54: Using this chain to make new rumbles and examples
15:27 Resampling your layers
16:11 Ensuring tonal balance
17:22 Focus on the groove
18:13 The printable poster

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