Splash some energy into your track

You can use energy splashes as markers or as turnarounds in your tracks! We look at the 4 magic ingredients for a good splash: 1) a good source sound, 2) enormous reverb, 3) stable volume with OTT, and 4) subtle LFO pumping.

As a bonus tip, I show how such a reversed energy splash can become a speeding up riser. All of this contributes to tension & release, core skills for any producer!

Oh, and the song is a bootleg techno remix of Juriji Der Klee’s XIXI 😂(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOkbvZ9y3-M )

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0:00 An energy splash has 4 ingredients
0:57 part 1: a good source sound
1:16 part 2: enormous reverb
1:41 part 3: stable volume with OTT
3:20 part 4: subtle LFO pumping
3:43 bonus tip to create a riser
4:33 advice for beginners

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