SNTS study part 3: polishing & finishing the mix [advanced]

In this episode we finally finish the SNTS study, and go into REALLY NUANCED mixing feedback. Mattias Fridell ([email protected]) provided this mix feedback which we implement together.

In general there are 4 categories of tweaks:
1) Overall mix balance
2) Low end mix issues
3) High end mix issues
4) mix bus tweaks

This is an [advanced] tutorial, so don’t freak out if you’re just beginning and this all looks a bit intimidating: sign up for one of our classes instead (

The full track can be found mastered here, finally titled Torc – Iconograph:

0:00 The war of art & resistance
1:39 About the mix consultation
3:18 The mixing feedback overview
3:50 Part 1: The overall mix balance
5:32 Part 2: Low end mix issues
7:02 Using a dynamic EQ to cut the low mids on the kick
8:26 Boxy frequencies in the mids
09:06 Updward expansion using a dynamic EQ
14:39 Part 3: High end mix issues
18:47 Adding reverbs to the highs
20:55 Revisiting the low mids: the grit instrument
22:11 Part 4: Mix bus finishing touches

The plugins here are TDR Nova and TDR Kotelnikov, which both can be downloaded for free here:

Oeksound Soothe2:
Goodhertz Mid/Side Matrix (free):

The full SNTS study saga:
Part 1: SNTS-style drums:
Part 2: Arranging an SNTS-style track:
Part 3: SNTS study part 3: polishing & finishing:
The final track for free on soundcloud:

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