Simple and effective hihat strategies

Here’s a little video for those of you who wonder what concepts underlie simple & effective hihat lines. It’s elementary drum programming for the top end of your track, and in Ableton Live we show the most simple controls to pay attention to to make it all work together.

Next week we’ll look at part 2, the processing and EQ of these hihats.

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0:00 Let’s talk about hihats
1:05 Laying the foundation kick & clap
1:49 Hihat Gears
2:30 Upbeat hihat
3:12 16th note rolling hihat
3:56 Ride cymbal
5:08 Hihat sound design
6:49 Using an LFO for modulation
8:29 EQ high-passing hihats
9:30 Jacking hihats
11:57 Draw the rest of the M1 House Owl

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