Rookie mistakes in techno

Let’s take a look at some techno tracks I made 10 years ago, and learn 4 lessons from them so you don’t repeat the mistakes of my younger self 😂

(wow the noise examples really got mangled by the video codec, sorry!!!)

– Follow Torc here:
– Follow Face the Sun here:

– My Foundations of Electronic Music course:
– My Industrial Techno follow-along course:

0:00 Intro
0:44 The three tracks
1:51 Lesson 1: Hear what you are doing
4:30 The low limit monitor test
7:43 Lesson 2: Clean up your low end
10:35 Lesson 3: Tonal balance
16:35 Lesson 4: Clarify the groove of the track
21:20 About making rookie mistakes

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