Rhythm concepts for intermediate producers

If you’re not a percussionist, you might find it challenging to add rhythmic interest to your drums and synth riffs. Let’s look at 3 simple rhythm concepts that can get you started!

We cover:
1) Dotted patterns
2) Euclidian rhythms
3) Polymeters

And we apply these not only to the note position of rhythmic riffs, but also to the ACCENT within those riffs.

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0:00 Don’t fall for scams!
0:40 Three rhythmic techniques
2:12 The track we start from
3:13 Technique 1: Dotted patterns
4:10 Note accent example
5:11 Technique 2: Euclidian rhythm
11:08 Technique 3: Polymeter
15:39 Music education for beginners
16:08 Cronenberg horror outro

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