Pseudo-organic drums using Reason VST & Ableton Live

The p is silent 😂
Let’s do some digital drum programming, but using organic source material recorded on acoustic instruments. It’s a perfect hybrid workflow: the precision of electronic music, the tastiness of acoustic percussion.

I’ll show four methods to achieve this here:
1. Reason’s Dr OctoRex
2. Reason’s Beatmap
3. Ableton Live’s Simpler
4. Ableton Live’s Euclidian Sequencer (in Max4Live)

You can get access to all the Reason devices with a Reason+ subscription: (affiliate link)
The Max4Live Euclidian sequencer is here:
My Foundations of Electronic Music course:
My Industrial Techno follow-along course:

0:00 What are pseudo-organic drums?
0:55 Reason’s Dr. Octo Rex
5:25 Reason’s Beatmap Player
12:07 Ableton Live’s Simpler
14:21 M4L Euclidian sequencer

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