Producers! Don’t trust your ears. This is why

Producers tackle the complex process of music production with a wide range of tools and techniques to achieve the best possible sound. However, the advice to “trust your ears” can lead to too much focus on the technical details and precision, making them forget what’s truly important in music: its emotional power.

It’s crucial to remember that our ears are not perfect. They can be misled by sound tricks, become biased towards sounds we’re used to, or even get tired from listening too much. Furthermore, every person hears differently—some may have hearing loss, and no one has ears that can hear all frequencies perfectly. This variation in hearing makes it even more important to shift our focus from purely what we hear to how the music makes us feel.

Realizing that emotions are the key to a song’s success urges producers to create music that connects on an emotional level, no matter the device it’s played on. This approach is incredibly relevant in today’s world, where music is consumed through various means, including the small speakers of mobile phones.

A song that can evoke strong emotions despite its simple delivery proves its worth and effectiveness far beyond technical perfection. This focus on the emotional impact, considering the diverse ways people hear, not only expands the creative possibilities for producers but also ensures that their music can be deeply felt by a broader audience.

By valuing emotional connection over flawless sound production, producers can create lasting and inspiring tracks, accommodating the unique ways each person experiences sound.

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