My sister made a drumloop (let’s give some feedback)

My sister is taking her first steps in Ableton Live, and she made her first drumloop. Let’s talk about what’s good about it, and also give some ideas for further development to see where this loop could go with just a few more steps!

My goal is to show that music production is within the reach for everyone, even if you have no formal training or background in music making or playing instruments.

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0:00 who dis?
0:30 the loop she made
0:54 description of what we’re hearing
1:37 strong idea 1: the rhythmic drag
3:24 making strong choices and committing
3:36 idea 2: the tonal center
5:02 leave rhythmic space for percussion
6:18 adding my voice as a high layer
7:56 PSA about mastering
8:48 comparing with reference tracks
9:24 final encouragement

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