Music Theory for Techno

Have you ever wondered if music theory was relevant for techno? Well wonder no more!

In this video we examine:
1. How to apply classic music theory to the genre of techno
2. What the role of dissonance and repetition is in techno
3. How to get the right sound character for techno

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0:00 Introduction
1:02 Rule 1: Use classic music theory
1:49 Scales for Techno infographic
2:11 Using chord progressions or intervals
3:17 Rule 2: Embrace dissonance
3:39 Ostinato insistence
4:28 The harmonic architecture of a techno track
5:11 3 strategies to make repetitive riffs
6:38 Rule 3: Sound character
8:53 The techno toot
9:38 The ML185 sequencer and Phoscyon
11:16 Recap of the 3 rules

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