Mixing loud: Managing your dynamic range using limiters

Understanding how to get the dynamic range you want is part of a professional-sounding music production. It’s the key to making your music loud and punchy, if that suits your genre.

This tutorial explains how you can gain control over your dynamic range using basic tools included in any DAW. It explains compression and expansion, and some basic audio technical concepts you need to know early on in your music production career to help your ideas have impact.

Once you are comfortable using limiters to reduce the dynamic range of your signal, a world of new options will open up, like compressors, saturation, and clipping. Your mixes and masters will sound more punchy, clear, exciting and loud when you apply these principles.

0:00 Introduction
0:52 Recap of peak, RMS, Dynamic range
2:05 Two processes: compression and expansion
3:36 Using a limiter for downward compression
5:14 Workflow tips for limiters
6:39 Compression is not the solution to everything!
7:06 Genre-related loudness and mastering engineers
8:01 Other useful tools
8:45 LUFS – Loudness Units & tonal balance

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