Mixing for club systems (ft. Jesco Lohan from Acoustics Insider)

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Jesco’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/AcousticsInsider

Today we meet Jesco Lohan from Acoustics Insider, to contemplate what’s important when mixing music aimed at club sound systems! It’s an in-depth interview format that I hope you will enjoy!

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0:00 Let’s meet Jesco
5:30 Why is mixing for club systems important?
16:22 The importance of mid frequencies
22:02 Bass mixdown and groove
34:33 Equal loudness curves
39:08 Studio monitors, what is good enough?
47:42 Spectrum analysers
50:15 About 20-40Hz
55:30 About Voxengo Span
1:00:20 About stereo
1:07:05 About dynamics and loudness
1:23:56 Jesco’s resources

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