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Music production can be bewildering. There’s so much to learn, and nobody offers you a system to go from your vision all the way through to execution and publication.

In this start-to-finish course I do just that: I show a clear and logical workflow that you can copy.

We start with the vision, before anything else, where we make a moodboard and musical analysis. Then we program drums, synthesisers, we learn music theory and mixing checkpoints, arrangement and climaxes, and finally the finishing and polishing before publication.

This is a follow-along course, meaning that I make a track from start to finish in 11 hours of video, explaining every step along the way. The crux is: I don’t know what I’ll be making until it’s actually made! So you can see the thought process, the planning, the vision, the mistakes, the self-doubt, the existential crisis, everything!

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00: It’s time to make some house together
0:28 I start with nothing
1:36 In total that’s a lot of content
2:21 the resulting song

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