Let me tell you about chord planing

When we learn music theory, sometimes we learn to stick to the 7 notes of the scale. But how come so many artists use notes outside of the scale?

Let’s look at one reason for that today: the tools we use to compose music often make it easy & intuitive to prioritise the shape of chords higher than any need for them to be in a particular scale. This is called Chord Planing.

We’ll look at how this is the case for guitars, sequencers and samplers, using examples from the Pixies (rock), Donna Summer (pop) and Inner City (house).

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0:00 Intro
1:24 What is chord planing?
4:14 Definition of chord planing
4:34 The Pixies – chord planing on guitar
7:16 Donna Summer & Moroder & Sequencers
13:57 Samplers & Inner City Good Life

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