Learning from Tale of Us – Heart of Darkness (GTA soundtrack)

In this video we explore the lessons learned from recreating Tale of Us – Heart of Darkness in Ableton Live. This is a classic minimalist deep house style track with 4 signature synthesizer approaches that we can analyse and learn from.

Link to the original track: https://youtu.be/i1lcaNYf8aI (we can’t play the original in the video for copyright reasons sadly – all music in the video is a remake from scratch!)

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0:00 About the song
0:50 The track overview
1:52 The drums
4:49 The melodic elements – overview
5:15 Synth 1: The bass
8:56 Synth 2: The morse code
11:40 Synth 3: The ghost synth
17:36 Synth 4: The waterfall synth
20:06 The track one more time

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