Jacking House like Skrillex and Four Tet

Story time! Today we take a look at a masterpiece of house music by the legendary producers Skrillex, Four Tet and Starrah (I was as suprirised as you to hear this is a thing!).

The song in question: https://soundcloud.com/skrillex/butterflies

We cover a LOT of territory here, so buckle up!

– Level 0: stay open-minded!
– Level 1: Jacking house pattern, hihat choking
– Level 2: Splitting drums into channels, better samples, 16th note groove
– Level 3: Subtle organic sounds, mid percussion, ASMR turnaround
– Level 4: FM subbass with skip, tremolator mindblowing vocal surprise technique, Four Tet-style xylophone solo

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0:00 Storytime about Skrillex
2:19 What we’ll make today
3:56 Level 1: Beginner
6:20 Level 2: Intermediate
10:21 Level 3: Advanced
14:57 Level 4: Weirdness
17:07 The Mindblowing Vocal Secret
21:02 The Four Tet xylophone solo
25:29 Two key takeaways

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