Is music production lonely? (Feat. Will Hatton)

When teaching and practicing electronic music, sometimes it’s just you and your computer, alone in a room. It can get a bit lonely sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s explore a few different ways of collaborative music making, and how to become part of a music making community.

We’ll discuss finding online communities, mentorship, online collaboration (sharing stems, sharing projects and DAW collaboration using Soundation), and getting involved at the community level. Will Hatton from Inspired By also drops by for some social music making!

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0:00 Loneliness & mental health
1:00 Joining online communities
2:55 Online collaboration
3:12 Mentorship
4:47 Exchanging stems
6:17 Sending project files
8:01 Will Hatton’s point of view
11:06 Collaborative DAW (Soundation)
15:56 Connecting locally
17:09 About failure & rejection
18:26 Hardware jamming

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