Infinite chords (Reason Chord Sequencer)

When creating a chord progression, I recommend a strategy called “shopping for emotions”. There are many tools out there to assist those of us who are not gifted instrumentalists, one of which is the Reason Studios Chord Sequencer. Let’s look at how to use such a tool in practice & set ourselves up for some beautiful techno arps.

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0:00 Why should I care about chord progressions?
1:33 What is “Shopping for Emotions?”
2:57 What is the Reason Chord Sequencer?
4:33 Three essential decisions
5:30 Rave Tears :’)
6:23 Adding an arpeggiator
7:53 Layering in more synths
8:23 Adding a techno beat + DANCE BREAK!
8:59 How to set up Reason Chord Sequencer in Ableton Live
9:47 Be good to each other + MORE DANCING

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