How & why to use MIDI chord packs

If you produce music, you’ve almost certainly seen the advertisements for MIDI chord packs. What are they, and how could they actually be a good starting point for composing music?

We go over the fundamental concept of the “chord progression”, and why it’s the foundation that music is built on. Then, we look at how to “shop for emotions” and then adapt that to suit our own vision.

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The Axis of Awesome 4 chords song:

0:00 Let’s talk about MIDI chord packs
1:04 Why are chord progressions so important?
2:44 Three examples
6:50 Workflows for harmony
7:59 Shopping for emotion
9:10 What do you get in a MIDI chord pack?
12:26 Two critical decisions you need to make
14:55 Moving into the sound design stage
17:55 The example sound design
18:31 Should you get a MIDI chord pack?

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