How to not screw up your kickdrums!

Let’s talk about kick drum sound design: what is the “heart” of the kick? And how to nail the sweet spot but also allow you to experiment and sound design? I’ll go over some of my own learnings in this video!

The plugins in the video are D16’s Punchbox, Izotope Insight, and Soundtoys Decapitator.

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0:00 so many kick drum videos
0:44 The two ways of making a kick
1:55 me trying to synthesize a kick
2:24 909 vs sine wave
3:03 the heart of the kickdrum
5:43 high to low frequencies
6:15 the high frequencies
6:38 the end frequency and its tuning
7:22 saturating and adding samples
9:36 the final result
10:14 the final advice

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