How to learn any synthesizer

In this video I show you:
– A quick overview of how ALL synthesizers work
– A simple workout on how to familiarize yourself with with any synth you get
– Some simple synth recipes
– An example of this process using the Roland SH-101
– A sound design technique called “self-oscillating” filters, to create sounds like Jamie XX – Gosh.

The Synth Basics image in HQ:
– PNG:
– PDF:

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0:00 Introduction
1:07 Subtractive synthesis concept
3:20 The synthesis diagram
3:39 The synth workout
5:44 Synth fomulas
6:16 The value of a limited synth
8:09 The synth workout on an SH101
13:01 Doing the synth fomulas on the SH101
15:32 The advantages of more advanced synths
17:42 Sound design technique: Self-oscillating filters

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