Heal your soul (homework challenge)

Today I want you to follow along as we make a track together in a new style which I’m going to call Journalwave or Sharecore (😃). We use sequencers to make polymetric patterns on mellow synthesizers, and then journal over those to create a little sonic “message in a bottle” to someone that we love, or to our future selves.

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– Follow Torc here: https://soundcloud.com/torcaudio
– Follow Face the Sun here: https://soundcloud.com/face-the-sun-be

– My Foundations of Electronic Music course: https://courses.underdog.brussels/courses/foundations-of-electronic-music
– My Industrial Techno follow-along course: https://courses.underdog.brussels/courses/techno-entire-track-creation

0:00 intro to journalwave
1:32 setting up a polymetric synth
3:23 using Reason Pattern Mutator
5:47 the importance of feelings
7:34 now what?
8:34 my own journalwave track

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