Glitch turnarounds

Drum turnarounds are those little moments of “refreshing your ears” at the end of a drumloop. Let’s look at one technique to make turnarounds, a.k.a. the glitch turnaround! To do this we use the glitch plugin of our choice (in this case Reason’s effect rack), resample it to audio, and layer it in to create ear candy and diversity to our drumtrack.

Follow the project here (it’s still in placeholder mode ;)):

You can get access to all the Reason devices with a Reason+ subscription: (affiliate link)

My Foundations of Electronic Music course:
My Industrial Techno follow-along course:

0:00 About my scarf
2:29 Turnaround stategy
3:56 Adding glitch effects
5:54 Recording glitches as audio
7:30 Exploring more material
8:41 Layering it into your composition

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