getting a little too excited about resonators

Resonators can turn anything into moody chords – from whitenoise to percussion loops. So let’s geek out over them, and show what happens when you use resonators, dub fx and polymeters in conjunction!

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0:00 My challenge to you
0:54 Resonator basics for dummies
1:58 Minor 9th chord smooth jazz
2:42 Envelopes matter, okay?
3:18 Adding LFOs for aliveness
4:11 Hijacking percussion loops
6:01 Even more LFOs because why not
6:20 Envelopes for sparseness
7:05 Adding Dub FX but actually just delay
8:31 Adding a deeper polymeter
10:11 Oscar really approves of this one
11:00 Kickdrum & filters
12:42 Rough mastering
13:45 Isn’t that gorgeous?

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