Electrical zaps (techno sound design like Snts) using Live’s Wavetable

In this video we do a little synthesis tutorial on how to get the buzzing, zapping electrical lead sound that can also be heard in Snts – Disappearance of Fate. This sound is perfect for any bleak techno or industrial atmospheres, and it’s an excuse for us to flex our Ableton Live Wavetable sound shaping skills.

Download the final instrument rack here: http://www.underdogmusicschool.com/YT-share/2021-04-electricity-instrument.zip

0:00 The example
0:50 The oscillator waveform
2:10 The bandpass filter, resonance and drive
3:50 Setting a macro for more granular control
4:47 Cold, industrial reverb
5:10 Using LFOs for movement
7:00 Low notes vs low frequencies

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