Dotted basslines for deep grooves

Let’s flex those bass sound design muscles again, and learn a new bass formula: the dotted bassline! A dotted bassline is nothing more than a short bass sound that plays in a pattern of 3/16th notes, but with a little love it can be ultra funky, and even resemble a polymeter.

For the sound design portion we explore the basics of wavetable synthesis and use Reason Studios drums to toughen up the beat.

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0:00 Intro
0:26 Example of a dotted bassline
2:02 Programming it in Ableton Live
3:59 Similarities with polymeters
4:40 Chord progression and music theory
5:31 Adding turnarounds
6:20 Adding Ableton Live’s Groove
7:37 Sound design with Wavetable Synthesis
13:44 Result after sound design and adding Reason
14:45 Public service announcement

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