Create movement with dub effects (in any DAW)

Let’s talk about a timeless classic technique: dub effects.

There are three core parts to pulling this off:
– a delay unit with a volume control before it (e.g. a return channel)
– a delay unit with feedback above 100% (with a limiter to be sure)
– use your hands to control the feedback (with a MIDI controller)

Once you’ve got this set up you can try different speeds, chaining more strange effects, and creating unique layers. I also recommend bouncing these effect layers to audio to use the best takes.

I’ll show this in Ableton Live, but this applies in all DAWs!

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0:00 What are Dub effects?
1:16 Part one: volume before the delay unit
2:06 Part two: a delay with feedback above 100%
2:45 Part three: use your hands to control the parameters
4:13 Bounce these to audio for full control
4:40 using weird fx in series like Reason
5:05 Advice for beginning producers

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