Arpeggiator superpowers in Ableton Live with Dual Arpeggio (Reason Rack Plugin)

Music is easy: just find a chord progression you like and split the chords into notes! How can you split chords into notes? Arpeggiators! But proper arpeggiators, not those that just do continuous directional patterns. Full-featured arpeggiators like Reasons Dual Arpeggio allow you to send rich MIDI patterns to your Ableton synthesizers.

Thanks to the kind folks at Reason for sponsoring this madness:

Other plugins I used here:
– Spitfire BBC Symphonic Orchestra:
– Sylenth1:
– Valhalla Room:

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0:00 Music is easy with arpeggiators
2:11 Getting arpeggios in Ableton Live
3:43 Setting up 3rd party arps
5:31 Reason’s Dual Arpeggio
10:53 The guessing game part 1
12:27 The guessing game part 2

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