Are modular synths worth it?

Maybe you’ve heard of modular synthesis? It’s a way of building your own instrument that’s unique to you and your own vision. In this video I’m basically a modular synth tourist, and go visit the instrument of one of my friends in Brussels, Brice a.k.a. Pattrn, and I get a chance to explore his ideas and jam out a bit!

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0:00 Brice aka Pattrn
0:47 Why modular?
1:35 Flexibility in the studio
2:24 Ergonomics in the studio
2:58 Going beyond your existing knowledge
3:27 Feedback filter example
4:18 Feedback on reverb
4:52 The effect section and resonators
5:54 A cool techno patch example
6:40 Oscar jamming that patch
9:09 Oscars final conclusions
9:54 See more of Brice aka Pattrn

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