3 reasons you’ll love Vocoders (+ me singing)

Do you ever use vocoders? Here are 3 reasons to get started. Don’t judge me for the singing please. 🤐

Use my link to sign up for Reason+ and use the code underdog to get 30% off your subscription for the first year: https://www.reasonstudios.com/#ref=underdog

– My Foundations of Electronic Music course: https://courses.underdog.brussels/courses/foundations-of-electronic-music
– My Industrial Techno follow-along course: https://courses.underdog.brussels/courses/techno-entire-track-creation

My music project soundclouds:
– Torc: https://soundcloud.com/torcaudio
– Face the Sun: https://soundcloud.com/face-the-sun-be

0:00 What the heck is it even?
2:05 Reason 1: cause your singing is awful
4:37 Reason 2: for cool percussion
10:18 Reason 3: whitenoise crashes for days
12:14 Adding a matrix sequencer for giggles
13:59 Should you actually use one?

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