3 bass questions you should be able to answer

Let’s talk about sub bass: can you answer these three questions about your track’s low end?
– Question 1: What’s going on down there besides your kick?
– Question 2: What frequency is the focus of your low end?
– Question 3: Does your bass story translate in the mids?

This one is for intermediate producers who struggle with understanding the low ends of their tracks. It applies to music producers in any DAW with any tools.

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0:32 What is going on besides your kick?
3:10 Where is the sub energy focused?
6:25 The secret of resonant hipass filters
7:19 Some examples in Ableton Live
9:21 Does your bass translate via the mid frequencies?
12:16 What’s your monitoring situation like?
12:50 If this was too advanced…

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