Techno Jam with DFAM, Push 2, Enner ,UC4 & Ableton

Initially I was just experimenting with the DFAM, but things happen really quick…Add a rumble, couple of drums, a percussive synth that answer the DFAM and finally experimenting with Enenr on top.
The set up is explained in the video, but here are the main things :
Ableton is the Main Sequencer/Clock
I got 8 track in Ableton :
1- Kick/Rumble (Audio Loop)
2- Hats Drum Rack (Chh, Ohh & Ride Samples)
3- Clap (samples)
4- Perc (AYNIL_Rawsynth Rack)
5- DFAM (Hard sync Off) Mid Hook [Rec]
6- DFAM (Hard Sync On) Hi Hook (Live)
7- ENNER (Ambience Rec)
8- ENNER (Live impro)
Push 2 is use mainly to sequence Hats Clap and Perc, record live the DFAM & ENNER, and few other things here and there (Mix, Repeats, Launch etc…)…
DFAM is the main melody/hook. I first record on track 5 the sequence with Hard Sync Off, the sound is like bassy/mid sound. Then I play with it again live on Track 6 with Hard Sync On this time, same hook but more in the hi frequencies.
ENNER is used to create the dark ambience at the beginning (Track 7). Then I used it live for impro on Track 8 later on.
UC4 is another midi controller for Ableton, I use it for low cut on master (Button 1 = Togglle ON/OFF EQ8 on master), other Buttons are mute for each track (Buttons 2 = Hats Mute, Button 3 = Clap Mute etc…) Fader 1 send the whole mix to a return effect with a wash out reverb effect. Fader 2,3,4 respectively control the volume of the CHH, OHH and Ride from the Hats Drum rack. Encoder 1 Press toggle on/off radio style effect EQ on the master


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