Techno Jam w/ Analog Rytm, Sub Harmonicon, Microfreak & Modular

After getting lost with my Subharmonicon, a sequence came out, then add some drums with the Analog Rytm, a pad sound with the Microfreak and a percussive synth with the mini modular case.

-The kick come from the Ableton 909 Core kit, which I passed through the Dirty Laundry and Neuron Flux filter (from the modular case). Then I apply my double rumble rack in Ableton (, then record, export and import into the Track 1 of the Rytm.
All the other Rytm tracks are from the sound engine.
Track 2 is a Snare that I use for snare roll, Track 3 is a Rimshot and Track 4 an Offbeat Clap
Track 5 of the Rytm is a Low Tom which give this extra groove to the low end. And Track 6 is kind of a Hi Tom.
Track 7 is a noisy rhythm made with the noise engine.
Track 9 & 10 respectively Closed Hats and Open Hats. Finally Track 11 is a Ride.
The scene on the Rytm allow me to add low cut to the kick and toms, but also mute my hats. The Performance is a washout effect where I accentuate the Delay & Reverb send of all of the track, the Reverb Decay become longer too. To find out more about how I do that :
-The main lead/melody come from the Subharmonicon. I use Ableton CV LFO to modulate the PWM of Osc1 and 2. The synth goes through Ableton where I used Ableton Filter Delay & Hybrid Reverb.
-The percussive synth is made from the Loquelic Iteritas, which goes through the Dirty Laundry for some Folding, then through the Neutron Filter, then Ableton Delay and Hybrid Reverb. The patch is triggered by the SubHarmonicon and I use the Seq1&2 out of the SubH to modulate the Morph and Modulate of the Loquelic Iteritas.
-The pad sound is made with the Microfreak, I used the preset Intheair from my Microreak preset bank:
Then goes through my Ableton Pedalboard audio effect rack :


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