Techno Jam Torso T-1, Moog DFAM, Roland TR6S & Modular

This is a first jam I recorded using the Torso T-1, trying to explore the beast, see how I could incorporate it with the gear I own.

Ableton is the main clock, mixer and used for effect for each individual track.
Torso is sync with Ableton Link, and sequence everything.
Track 1-6 sequence the TR6S via Midi, Track 9 sequence the modular via cv/gate output, Track 13 sequence my Rawsynth Rack in Ableton, I also use the clock out of the T-1 to sync the DFAM

TR6S audio is routed to Ableton via USB
DFAM and Modular audio are routed via two seperate input of my MOTU 828
All track have separate audio channel in Ableton, process with effect and mixed.

TR6S track are 1-Kick/3-Low tom (as bassline)/4-ride/5-Chh/6-Ohh (same on T-1 for sequencing)
DFam is doing the synth bass your ear from the beginning.
Ableton Rawsynth Rack do the stab playing in answer to the DFAM (hear from 30s)
Modular is playing the melody that come after. The osc use is the noise engineering loquelic iteritas, I also use the switch halfway the performance to change the tone, it then goes to the Supercritical Neutron Filter and Bastl Skis II.
it play first a basic sound but then play this nasty synth when the switch is down
UC4 control : Fader 1 : master send to a return for wash out effect / Fader 5 – Rawsynth Rack cutoff / Fader 7 : Rawsynth volume / Fader 8 : modular volume / Button 1 : low cut on master

This jam was made first because I just got the t-1 and wanted to explore the machine. This is a very nice sequencer that works differently than Ableton one.
I can also easily mute/unmute track from it. I also wanted to see how it worked in hybrid situation with sequencing via midi/usb/cv and clock.

Found more about the torso here :

Rawsynth Rack :


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