Why Ableton is so powerful for rominimal: 3 Ableton Stock plugins to spice up your ro-minimal tracks

​​►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:
In this video I will go over some use cases on how we can use some ableton stock plugins to spice up our rominimal tracks. They are very simple, but powerful and effective.


00:00 – Fix boring tracks with Ableton Stock plugins
00:53 – Some encouraging quotes from other artists
03:18 – Audio Demo of the rominimal track that we’re working on
04:14 – First Ableton Stock plugin to create rominimal modular style basslines
06:23 – Creating Modular style rominimal bassline inside ableton with mono sequencer
07:17 – how to record midi notes from mono sequencer
09:04 – Triggering random Hihat fillers with Ableton’s mono sequencer
10:49 – Second Ableton Stock plugin to spice up your rominimal tracks
13:48 – Spice up rominimal drum sounds with ableton stock plugin Corpus
15:32 – Using LFO or Envelope Follower to create interesting rominimal sounds
17:17 – spicing up a pad sound creating layers for your rominimal tracks
18:34 – using Corpus’s Sidechain input for creating more interesting rominimal sounds
19:26 – demonstrating a different sidechain source
21:30 – pure experimentation with frequency shifter on pad sound
24:11 – Final thoughts for you and action step

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