Rominimal: Use this simple Ableton Stock plugin for layering your rominimal basses, pads, textures

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:


Did you ever feel that your ro-minimal track could benefit from some more sounds? Did you ever wanted to layer a rominimal bassline and maybe even make it a bit wider but without destroying the low-end and punch? Or do you want to add another layer to your textures and background sounds?

Well, in this video I show you examples, to all of those scenarios basically from scratch where I use one simple Ableton Stock plugin as the main source to do the layering and that you can use as well for your next track.

In that way you don’t overdo it with adding more and more new elements to clutter up your track in the arrangement but can keep it minimal but still full and complex sounding.


Time stamps:

00:00 – Why you need this technique and how it can help out your rominimal tracks
01:10 – The background story of this video (and how to use it for your rominimal ableton projects)
01:57 – How to make custom kicks for your own rominimal Ableton Live Project files
02:53 – Example of the Rominimal track that we’re working on today inside Ableton Live
03:08 – How to layer & widen your rominimal basses without clutter the low-end
05:20 – How to use overdrive for your rominimal bassline layers
06:15 – How to make your rominimal bassline more dynamic with a simple tool like an envelope follower
09:41 – Implementing the same technique on a low-tom
09:48 – how to create a DRY/WET knob for Ableton Effect chains – Simple
11:07 – Using this chain on a pad like sound
13:07 – refining the rominimal bassline layer
15:38 – How to spice up your rominimal textures and synths with this channel (Example)
16:16 – How to totally change the vibe with a few knobs into something new but still keeps it’s initial idea.
17:52 – How to spice up a texture or percussion recording with our chain
20:40 – How to test your rominimal idea for a quick arrangement
21:46 – Summarized and final thoughts
22:16 – How to proceed from this point

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