Rominimal: Three simple max4live devices for rominimal bass creation, generating sequences & focus

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:


Do you like free tools for music creation? I know, who doesn’t right?

So for this video, I want to share 3 of my latest favorite max4live devices that I use for rominimal production which are simple and straightforward to use.

One device is great for creating basslines within just a few seconds, another one can create evolving random sequences for us and the third one is a helping hand to stick and focusing on the work at hand and creates a pressure to actually perform the music writing rather than checking the phone and what not.

Does it sound good? Let’s jump in.


Tools mentioned in this video:

Pluck: (Karplus Strong synthesis)

Pomodoro Timer to keep the focus:

Genstep16 – A Generative Step Sequencer 2.0:


Time stamps:

00:00 – About the 3 tools from this video and how they can help you out
00:53 – Free “Soft but snappy” Ro-minimal Ableton Live Kick Template inspired by Petre Inspirescu, Barac and many more
02:20 – Max4live device 1 for your Rominimal Bassline Ableton Live creation part
05:00 – Karplus Strong Synthesis based max4live device for rominimal & micro house bassline creation
05:34 – Max4live device number 2 for your Rominimal Ableton Live creation part
06:23 – Max4live device number 3 for your Rominimal Ableton Live creation part so simple but powerful I would say
09:04 – Rominimal Jam Session with the tools mentioned before
11:00 – Pairing Bassline device with Envelope followr for a more dynamic bassline result
13:29 – Final thoughts and Summarized
15:07 – Your next steps

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