Rominimal: This is what I would focus on if I would start from scratch again (Beginner friendly)

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Ok, if I would start from scratch again as a rominimal producer or producer in general, with my 15 yrs music production experience – this is what I would focusing on today and I recommend you could do if you’re a beginner.

Focusing on the right things at the right times is key in my opinion. it took me years to understand those things that I share in this video. I spend too much time focusing on the wrong thins at the wrong times: Like wanting the perfect mix and room accoustics but was not even able to finish one single track… please… if you’re a beginner, don’t do these mistakes.

I hope this video helps you out.


► Ressources mentioned in this video:

📚 Books about creativity:

◦ Steven Pressfield, the war of Art:

◦ Austin Kleon – Steal like an artist:

○ Elizabeth Gilbert – Big Magic


🔈 Learning about Sound Synthesis:
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