Rominimal: Sick of drawing Automations? Try the lazy approach without drawing an automation line

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:


Lets be honest:

I’m a lazy rominimal producer.

But sometimes this leads to helpful kinds of hacks that helps to speed up the production process or makes it more handy, or it even can spark some inspiration to use a tool in a new way, at least that’s the case for me and my rominimal productions inside Ableton Live.

So for this weeks video we look into different ways to make a rominimal / micro house track more dynamic without touching the automation line.

Instead, we’re going to use other tools, one specifically that we actually can save as a chain for later usage so we can work faster in the future and don’t need to draw automations for lets say a build up effect to make it bigger during a break and what not.

Sounds good? Lets jump in.


Time Stamps:

00:00 – How I came up with this video
00:55 – Free Soft but snappy rominimal Ableton Kick template
01:37 – “Helping hand” number one to make a transition or build up sound more dynamic in your rominimal & micro house tracks
05:15 – Randomness assigned to Send Channels for your rominimal tracks
07:26 – Example in a track’s context
09:13 – “Helping Hand” number three jamming and experimenting with envelope follower for more subtle dynamics and even groove on your rominimal tracks (Ableton)
13:35 – Summarized all tools and steps

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