Rominimal: Loopy arrangement? Spice it up with random effects using this technique

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:
Oftentimes an Arrangement can sound boring and loopy for your rominimal tracks but with just some random effect sounds we can make a loopy rominimal arrangement already sound a little bit more interesting.

So the big question is, how can we make some interesting effect bursts, vocal shots and swirlls in a simple and unique way something that doesn’t repeat itself too many times so it doesn’t sound loopy and adds variation to your arrangement?

That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this weeks video in a step by step approach inside ableton Live so if you want a framework system that you can use over and over again for your very own effect swirls and fil sounds to spice up your arrangements then this week’s video is for perfect for you.

Time Stamps:

00:00 – How to spice up a boring & loopy rominimal arrangement
01:02 – Don’t search for the perfect kick sample, go and grab my free soft but snappy rominimal ableton live kick template instead
02:11 – What we’re dealing with in this week’s video (Audible example)
03:30 – In order of Sound design I like to think in these 3 simple steps (Rominimal)
06:11 – Setup your racks for effect bursts for your rominimal tracks via 128’s drum racks
06:19 – Step 1: Insert a drum rack
06:30 – Step 2: Insert an instrument rack into a drum cell (Drumrack)
06:46 – Step 3: Choosing some samples and insert them
07:36 – Step 4: Grab the Chain slider all the way up
07:56 – Step 5: Select all samples and right click (distribute equaly)
08:09 – Step 6: Assign Macro to the slider
09:37 – Summarized of all 6 Steps for creating the rack
10:30 – Move the sound: Inserting randomnes of sample selection for your rominimal effects
12:50 – Inspired by East end Dubs: He talked about this technique of cutting holes and stuff into vinyl record to create such effect sounds…
14:26 – Jamming out more rominimal effect bursts with this technique
17:50 – Adding some tonal and vocal impact sounds for your rominimal tracks
18:54 – Use any sound that you want to create some effect fills for your rominimal tracks
19:53 – Summarized thoughts and action steps

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