Rominimal: I let myself inspire by lizz – this is what I came up with (Track Breakdown)

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For this week’s video I let myself inspire by some track from Lizz.

See what I came up with and what inspired me for each element. Hope something inspires you aswell in this video to bring in to your very own ro-minimal tracks.

Time stamps:

00:00 – Rominimal Lizz inspired track Ableton Live Intro
00:47 – The strategy we follow for this lizz inspired track
01:20 – Soft but snappy rominimal Ableton Live Kick Template
02:15 – Audible Example on our rominimal track made in ableton
05:13 – Let’s do a listening party: What tracks inspired me by lizz
07:59 – Lizz inspired rominimal track breakdown
08:14 – The questions to ask yourself if you want to let yourself inspire by your favourite artist
10:15 – Vocal effects: Create textures out of a vocal recording
13:05 – How to create “break beatish” rominimal kicks and drums
14:11 – Acoustic drums
14:51 – Make more space in the track with some EQ and DRY/WET Automation
18:36 – Make crazy swirls and sound textures out of a simple clap
21:42 – Rominimal Bassline Ableton
22:55 – Tonal instrument synth, Ableton Stock
25:59 – Ableton Stock presets for rominimal soundscapes
32:00 – How to let yourself inspire by your favourite rominimal artists
34:23 – how to get the ruffin instant minimal device

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