Rominimal: How to create modular style bass lines & more within Ableton (Mutable instruments Plaits)

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Time Table:

00:00 – Intro
00:41 – How it came to this video
03:45 – Use case 1: creating a #Rominimal modular style bass line
03:51 – Sequencing the bass: MDD Snake (an adaption of the Euro rack module Make Noise Rene)
04:47 – different OSC Modes within “Plaits”
05:33 – Modular Style Bassline Audible Example
06:00 – testing the bassline and listen on how it could work in an arrangement or break
06:34 – testing the bass inside the break
08:06 – Assigning Macros to different settings
08:54 – Use case 2: Creating rominimal “filler” or “glue” background sounds
09:05 – evolving the initial bassline sequence to something new
11:36 – compare with and without “background filler” sounds
12:16 – play with different parameters and using LFO to control them
13:24 – Use case 3: Creating transition SFX and so on for our rominimal afterhour track
14:09 – Audible example plaits on different sounds
16:03 – recording the jam then cutting sfx sounds up for the arrangement
19:44 – adding those SFX into the arrangement for some punctuation sounds
20:29 – We live in a paradise as producers: Some thoughts about creativity today vs. the old days…

Thanks for everything.
Cheers Silvano

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